Access Anyone @ WOODSIDE Ltd.
No. 7 The Fairway
Fully accessible day centre for young adults with disabilities
Low, Medium, and High Dependency
Approved by Southend Borough Council and Essex County Council
Promoting Life Skills

NEW Day Centre and Respite Centre opening

in the heart of the Conservation Area in Southend

Marigold Centre
62 Avenue Road
Westcliffe on Sea

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Woodside - Fully accessible day centre for young adults with disabilities

Access Anyone @ Woodside is a modern, friendly, relaxed and stimulating environment for young people to spend their days. We are proud to be Ofsted registered, our registration number is EY483589 and you can view our Certificate of Registration by clicking here. The main area of the centre is an internet café, with wireless internet access, accessible work stations and P.C.'s, including touch screens. A small, open-plan, accessible kitchen is incorporated, where club members can help themselves to drinks and snacks, with staff there to assist, where necessary.

Daily activities take place in a dedicated area. These activities are nominated by club members, and participation will be encouraged. Large screen T.V, with all the bolt-ons you would expect, like Xbox kinect and Wii are available.

The garden is accessible via a large decked area, with large oakwood gazebo, and summer house. Accessible gardening for those with green fingers and animals for the pet lover.

If it all gets a bit much, we also have a quiet room, where members can relax, listen to some music, or a story via personal headphones.

Getting out and about is a priority, and with 123 acres of woodland across the road, we benefit from things such as the riding school, bowls, or just the ability to explore acres of woodland. There is a minibus on hand for longer trips, such as to the pool at Belfair's.

The centre also benefits from a shopping parade just around the corner including the Woodcutters pub.

The centre is a members' club. We encourage "Life Skills", a development driven by the club members and steered by their parents or guardians. Staff start by discussing with you, and your son or daughter, "what will make a difference" and we work together to achieve those goals.

We offer daily rates, including transport if you require. We will have a fully qualified manager to C.Q.C standards, and a pool of trained staff, all there to help club members get the most out of their day.

Amongst the things we offer:

  1. Internet Café area offering 5 computers including touch screen and Skype
  2. Activity area for arts and crafts
  3. Music library; quiet area
  4. Interactive garden, including, summer house, animals
  5. Transport on site, for outings
  6. Local shops & pub

Easy access to Belfair's Park and nature reserve, covering 123 acres, including:

  1. Riding for the disabled
  2. Pottery Class
  3. Putting green & bowls
  4. Café
  5. Nature walks
  6. Belfair's swimming pool within 5 minutes' drive

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Access Anyone @ Woodside Ltd. always respects the privacy of its' clients, suppliers and staff, we do not share any information with outside organisations. For full details of our policies please download our Privacy Notice and our Data Protection Policy.

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